Christmas Greatings

The Christmas Blessing


The Christmas Blessing


As you get into the spirit of Christmas

what is it that you see off in a distance?

you may be able to praise God and witness

the good and magnificent silence.


As we give our gifts here at Christmas time

It is the time to think of giving not receiving,

Yes, It’s a time to receive gift too but give time

to the Lord at the same time you are receiving.


The side of giving gifts is so miraculous

with the good and surprising facial expressions

on the members of your family faces,

which are gracious

which leaves you with a wonderful impression.


By Sharmelle Olson


PS… This is one of my own Graphics I am using at top.

A brief note… At Ruby for Women a different image is being used for my poem.

And this poem has been published in the December 2016 Ruby for Women Magazine.