Eleven New Poems at Sharmelle’s Expressions

I have Eleven New Poems at Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress Under Sharmelle’s Poetry Haven! Please go to Sharmelle’s Expressions and check them out. I have also added “*Free Comments/Sigs” to the Section under Sharmelle’s Graphic Haven in Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress. I am still in the process of adding the Free Graphics you may use.

I am still working Sharmelle Background Haven ~ Coming Soon And Sharmelle’s Photography Haven ~ Coming Soon I have to pick and choose which ones I’ll be adding in these two sections yet because I have too many to add of each background and Photo’s and I am not going to be adding them all here at once right now ok.

Many Blessings, Sharmelle





I am Moving to Sharmelle’s Expressions

Dear Friend, and Followers,

I am moving to Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress.

The website would be linked to sharmellesexpressions.wordpress.com

I have decided to do this because for one I did not know I could make a Portfolio site here at WordPress because for one I did not know I could set up a portfolio here and I would rather have it here since I can make pages for all my talents. And they include Free Graphics to use, Sharing my Poetry, Free Seamless Backgrounds, and my free photography.

Now I am in the process of adding the poetry that I already have here plus some older ones that I have not shared here with you yet. So I would love it if you would please come check me out there even though it will be some time to get things organized there ok. I will try to transfer the comments I have received for some of my poetry there too ok.

If you have any Question or Comments please leave them here ok. I am copying my poetry from here so I will be checking comment here often too ok. I hope to see you there whenever you are ready. Also if there is something you would like to see first please let me know and I will try to add them right away ok.

Many Blessings your Friend and Follower, Sharmelle Olson

PS I forgot to mention I am going to be having Poetry of the Month, Graphic of the week, Seamless Background of the week, and Photograph of the week in this portfolio too.

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A Christmas Quote

A Christmas Quote…
Whose heart doth hold the Christmas glow
Hath little need of Mistletoe;
Who bears a smiling grace of mien
Need waste no time on wreaths of green;
Whose lips have words of comfort spread
Needs not the holly-berries red—
His very presence scatters wide
The spirit of the Christmastide.
~John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922), “The Christmas Spirit” (December Twenty-fourth), The Cheery Way: A Bit of Verse For Every Day, 1920