Poetry By Sharmelle

My Autumn Journal


My Autumn Journal

In my autumn journal we’ve said our grace

As we start our day in grace we retrieve our place

in the wisdom of our family lives we live

in this grace that is very creative.

In my autumn journal we’ve said our daily prayers

of grace and glory of these beautiful autumn days

that lead us into family adventures

which we have been supplied with beautiful Autumnal displays.

In my Autumn Journal today as we say goodnight

with a wonderful night coming to a close

as we are looking into the beautiful moonlight

Our hearts are brought to a magnificent doze.

So let’s say goodnight before

we all fall to the floor.

By Sharmelle Olson

November 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

The Snow Keeps Coming My Way


The Snow Keeps Coming My Way

I have to say the Snow keeps coming my way

It’s way to early for this to happen cause of autumn.

But as I see it snow is here hopefully not to stay

That would keep this autumn very awesome.

As the autumn leaves keep changing and falling

My family is wondering why the snow all of a sudden.

But it is something that makes it a very good blessing

and even though this is happening it will make our days enlighten.

As my days are enlightened from this way of the season

It will always be something awesome over the years

to come while we let it make our days brighten

from time to time in the northern hemisphere.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

It was Snowing in my Neighborhood


It was Snowing in my Neighborhood

While it was snowing in my neighborhood

Today I thought it was too soon for the snow

I guess that’s how things go in this neighborhood

where today I can go watch the snow glow.

As I am watching the snow in my yard glow

It had melted before my deep blue eyes

So because of this nothing will throw

me off since this weather has become awry.

This weather has become awry for the autumn

days we should be having with the leaves

changing colors and falling with rhythm

so the next time we will see how it receives

the weather change.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

Blessings of Autumn


Blessings of Autumn


With blessings of autumn we need to bring

our faith into this season of colors

which is a way of determining

The autumn days of Adventurers.


As we determine this beautiful time of year

We bring peace across the world

that makes it wonderfully pure

which has not been squirreledaround.


Red orange yellow green of the leaves

every autumn season Are very beautiful

Which brings in the wonderful world of Beliefs

and the color of the leafs are Fanciful.


Sharmelle Olson

August 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

Autumn Blessings


Autumn Blessings

Autumn blessings give us a way of being

through the colors of every autumn blessing

The brilliant red beauty in the leaves bring faithfulness

into the world in which gives us happiness.

Autumn blessings gives us a way of grace

through the colors of every autumn blessing

the silent yellow beauty in the leaves brings praise

into the world which makes things encouraging.

Autumn blessings gives us a way of Acquaintance

Through the colors of every autumn blessing

the rest of the green beauty in the leaves brings brilliance

into the world which makes it expressing.

Sharmelle Olson

October 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

My Autumnly Place

Crystal Falls Hamlock62 My Autumnly Place

Autumn is a wonderful time of year where I love to take autumn photographs

It was really fun when my Father in Law was here because we would drive

around to search for the red trees while we do that we have belly laughs

because with everything we were looking for it was very exclusive.

My autumnly place is where ever I can find fall-colored leaves to take pretty

photographs of the autumn colors during this time of year

while we are on the road on these days it is always incredibly

nice for the whole family to be there and friendlier.

Even while we are taking photographs of different colored trees

We also need to find all of the beautiful and colorful autumn flowers

which brings joyfulness that we will pleasantly

Be there while taking photographs off in this wonderful day of adventures.

By Sharmelle Olson

November 2017

Autumnly is a new word I made up…

Autumnly means fun/happy autumn.

Poetry By Sharmelle

November Blessings



November Blessings

November Blessings here we come

Let’s give thanks for this special month

While we give thanks let’s not overcome

The ways of our faith.

November Blessings your faith must be

with gracefulness around the world

we will go on a beautiful spree

As we run into the emeralds that enfolds.

November Blessings may come out bold

for the worlds spirit of love through the air

should be as graceful as you’ll be hold

As we are there we may stare.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017