Poetry By Sharmelle

What Angel’s Bring

What Angel’s Bring


What angel’s bring is love

When love is in the air.

It’s like magic from above,

That comes with flair.


What angel’s bring is peace

Around the world,

Those never cease,

To be curled.


What angel’s bring is happiness

Into so many of our lives

Which does not give any hopelessness

And there will be nothing to crave.


What angels bring is joy.

The joy in your heart,

Will never go coy,

And will play it smart.


What angel’s bring is hope.

When things seem to get you down

The hope can help you cope

And make you sing.


What angel’s bring is light.

The light for many different things, that’s generating

In our lives that shines so bright,

And makes you want to sing.


All you have to do is believe,

And all of these things will come magically,

Into your lives and will not conceive,

In anyway. Just think of the possibility.


By Sharmelle

December 2013

Note ~ This image does not belong to me…

It is only being used for this poem of mine.


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