Poetry By Sharmelle

Our Precious Little Sweet Angel

Our Precious Little Sweet Angel


Our precious little sweet angel baby

As we look into the beautiful sky

We will undergo this essential

Moment to express our Good-Bye


As we let you go into the heavens gracefully

We confess that the presence of love is so everlasting

That the mystery of our feelings is so heavenly

With this experience it is completely satisfying


While we were inspired by a sweet lullaby

A range of what has been sadness

Has veered into a stream of acceptance

With a delicate touch of weakness


We will hold you deer to our hearts naturally

Forever and always with tenderness the afterglow

Of our special tender love for you is absolutely

Unconditionally with a positive powerful glow


While we let you dance magically into heaven

Please remember that we understand you had to leave

Us early and we will visit you while you rest in your haven

We will let nature take its course while we grieve.


Good Bye Our Precious Little Sweet Angel

Baby Carmynn Francis Shunk


By Sharmelle

October 2006

Note ~ This image does not belong to me…

It is only being used for this poem of mine.


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