Poetry By Sharmelle




Dreams and dreams; What is a dream to you?

Could it be fancy, hope, and ambition?

I know it is nothing that makes you feel blue!

It is always wonderful to always use exertion

In these dreams!


A dream is a dream; What is your dream?

Could you dream be to be successful?

In your career? I bet you would scream

With joy if that were to happen! Wonderful

Things happen with dreams!


Dreams do come true; So what is another dream of yours?

Could it be to have a happy, healthy family?

Your family can open many different doors

To many different kinds of glory!


Once a dreamer always a dreamer; How many more dreams may come

To you? I am sure your dreams will be mesmerizing!

You can jam through those dreams of yours with some

Music of your desire and some special dancing

To celebrate your success in your dreams.


By Sharmelle

June 2014

Note ~ This image does not belong to me…

It is only being used for this poem of mine.


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