Poetry By Sharmelle

Angel’s Surrounded By The Rainbow


Angel’s Surrounded By The Rainbow

With all of the rain a rainbow appeared,

And some angels came flying around the rainbow.

As you look towards the angel’s; it was inspiring

To see the angel’s in the colors of the rainbow.

As they blend into the rainbow what do you see?

The red angel’s are Angel’s of Love,

The orange angel’s are Angel’s of glee,

The yellow angel’s are Angel’s of above,

The green angel’s are Angel’s of happiness,

The blue angels are Angel’s of peace,

The purple angel’s are Angel’s of jolliness.

They are spreading love, glee, happiness, peace and jolliness around the world.

As they are doing this they are giving us God’s blessings,

Even though humans in the world cannot see the angel’s

We are happy for all of our blessings.

By Sharmelle ‘Shar’

December 2013

Note ~ This image does not belong to me…

It is only being used for this poem of mine.



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