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Please come to visit me at Sharmelle’s Expressions where I have been moving my poetry from here to there and adding a lot of new poetry since I have been writing again. I will still be using Sharmelle’s Graphic Haven for just Blogging and updating you on Sharmelle’s Expressions. So please come on over and check out my poetry there; I will also try to have my Graphic Designs known at Sharmelle’s Backgrounds Haven there to share my Backgrounds with you, Sharmelle’s Graphic Haven there to share my graphics there with you, Along with Sharmelle’s Photography Haven where I will share my photography with you. Please come to fallow me at Sharmelle’s Expressions too.


Eleven New Poems at Sharmelle’s Expressions

I have Eleven New Poems at Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress Under Sharmelle’s Poetry Haven! Please go to Sharmelle’s Expressions and check them out. I have also added “*Free Comments/Sigs” to the Section under Sharmelle’s Graphic Haven in Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress. I am still in the process of adding the Free Graphics you may use.

I am still working Sharmelle Background Haven ~ Coming Soon And Sharmelle’s Photography Haven ~ Coming Soon I have to pick and choose which ones I’ll be adding in these two sections yet because I have too many to add of each background and Photo’s and I am not going to be adding them all here at once right now ok.

Many Blessings, Sharmelle





I am Moving to Sharmelle’s Expressions

Dear Friend, and Followers,

I am moving to Sharmelle’s Expressions here at WordPress.

The website would be linked to sharmellesexpressions.wordpress.com

I have decided to do this because for one I did not know I could make a Portfolio site here at WordPress because for one I did not know I could set up a portfolio here and I would rather have it here since I can make pages for all my talents. And they include Free Graphics to use, Sharing my Poetry, Free Seamless Backgrounds, and my free photography.

Now I am in the process of adding the poetry that I already have here plus some older ones that I have not shared here with you yet. So I would love it if you would please come check me out there even though it will be some time to get things organized there ok. I will try to transfer the comments I have received for some of my poetry there too ok.

If you have any Question or Comments please leave them here ok. I am copying my poetry from here so I will be checking comment here often too ok. I hope to see you there whenever you are ready. Also if there is something you would like to see first please let me know and I will try to add them right away ok.

Many Blessings your Friend and Follower, Sharmelle Olson

PS I forgot to mention I am going to be having Poetry of the Month, Graphic of the week, Seamless Background of the week, and Photograph of the week in this portfolio too.

Poetry By Sharmelle

The Snow Keeps Coming My Way


The Snow Keeps Coming My Way

I have to say the Snow keeps coming my way

It’s way to early for this to happen cause of autumn.

But as I see it snow is here hopefully not to stay

That would keep this autumn very awesome.

As the autumn leaves keep changing and falling

My family is wondering why the snow all of a sudden.

But it is something that makes it a very good blessing

and even though this is happening it will make our days enlighten.

As my days are enlightened from this way of the season

It will always be something awesome over the years

to come while we let it make our days brighten

from time to time in the northern hemisphere.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

It was Snowing in my Neighborhood


It was Snowing in my Neighborhood

While it was snowing in my neighborhood

Today I thought it was too soon for the snow

I guess that’s how things go in this neighborhood

where today I can go watch the snow glow.

As I am watching the snow in my yard glow

It had melted before my deep blue eyes

So because of this nothing will throw

me off since this weather has become awry.

This weather has become awry for the autumn

days we should be having with the leaves

changing colors and falling with rhythm

so the next time we will see how it receives

the weather change.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017

Poetry By Sharmelle

November Blessings



November Blessings

November Blessings here we come

Let’s give thanks for this special month

While we give thanks let’s not overcome

The ways of our faith.

November Blessings your faith must be

with gracefulness around the world

we will go on a beautiful spree

As we run into the emeralds that enfolds.

November Blessings may come out bold

for the worlds spirit of love through the air

should be as graceful as you’ll be hold

As we are there we may stare.

By Sharmelle Olson

October 2017


Poetry By Sharmelle · Ruby for Women

Heaven Sent Spring Blessings


Heaven Sent Spring Blessings

by Sharmelle Olson


Heaven Sent Spring Blessings in parts of the world

that have the season of Spring this time of year in great depth.

May it become your place in your dream world that twirled,

from Spring Blessings to bringing a new spring in your step.


Heaven Sent Spring Blessings to us for a beautiful Spring

day; that can bring so much to be delightful in many different ways.

Which brings a spring in your step that makes you want to sing

Will this work while being able to give the Spring Blessings away.


Heaven sent Spring Blessings our way for us just to enjoy

the beautiful weather and the beauty in all of the blossoms.

We will bring the Spring Blessings to all of the hoi polloi;

that love to work with the chrysanthemums.


Heaven Sent Spring Blessings through lovely Angels

that bring us a lot of pleasure in a spring balance.

As we noticed our archangel with celestial

hierarchy around a biblical palace.


celestial hierarchy ~ a traditional hierarchy of angels ranked from lowest to highest into the following nine orders: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

hoi polloi ~ Common People.

chrysanthemums ~ The flower of any such plant.

PS… This is not one of my own Graphics I am using at top for this poem.

A brief note… This poem has been published in the May 2017 Ruby for Women Magazine.